About Us

O’Henry’s Food & Spirits is a home-grown family restaurant established in the C.B.D. in 1982. We’ve been serving great burgers, New York style deli sandwiches, fresh salads, ribs and pastas for over 30 years in New Orleans.

I am often asked where our Corporate Office is. People seem to think that O’Henry’s is a franchise or part of a big national chain restaurant group. Well it’s not. Our Corporate office is right above the O’Henry’s on Carrollton Ave. and always has been. Our name sake is Henry Rosenblatt. He’s the Henry in O’Henry’s. He opened the 1st O’Henry’s in the Central Business District of New Orleans on Common St. in 1982. It quickly became a very popular Burger restaurant and he began to expand. As he expanded, Henry added Deli Sandwiches and Salads to the menu. He focused on freshness and quality at an affordable price and made sure service was quick and friendly. From the beginning he served complimentary salted in the shell peanuts and encouraged everyone to throw the shells on the floor. I once asked him why throw em on the floor? He said, “Because it’s FUN!!!”

I agree. My name is Rhonda Conley and I worked along side Henry for 20 years. I was hired as a Bartender became a Manager then a General Manager then Henry made me his Vice President of Operations. I loved O’Henry’s so much that I bought the company. Now I get the distinct pleasure of owning and operating a New Orleans restaurant tradition that has been going strong for 30 years!

Our service is quick and our staff is friendly and professional making for a great family dining experience. If you enjoy outdoor dining, then our Balcony’s are the place to be. There’s no better place to enjoy lunch, dinner or refreshing cocktails on a beautiful day in New Orleans.

You can taste the quality and freshness in our house roasted Turkey Breast, our famous homemade Crawfish & Corn Bisque, hand blended and formed Burgers, perfectly fried Seafood and fantastic Steaks. We are the Original “Home of the FREE Birthday Steak” and enjoy seeing everyone one their special day.

Currently there are 2 O’Henry’s in operation. We have a location in Metairie, 8859 Veterans Blvd and 634 S. Carrollton in the River Bend Uptown. My Husband Scott and I invite you to join us for lunch, dinner or of course…on your BIRTHDAY for a great Steak.

Come join us in Metairie or Uptown and don’t forget to bring your family. We can’t wait to see you.

See you soon,
Rhonda Conley